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  • Legislative Update 05/31/2017
    Updated On: Sep 24, 2017





    May 31, 2017

    Today marks day 115 of the 120 day legislative session. Today is the last day for budget bill to be introduced.

    Senate Bill 541 – On Thursday of last week, a public safety ceremony was held in front of the Legislature.  A type of “hate crime” bill was introduced by Senator Ford.  This bill would make enhancements for killing a police officer, firefighter, or EMS personnel because of their profession.  This bill was well received by us as well as the rest of our public safety brothers and sisters.  Assemblyman Ellison so-sponsored the bill when it was heard before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  On May 30, SB541 passed through the Assembly Judiciary Committee.  The last hurdle is the Assembly floor and then off to the Governor’s Office.

    Senate Bill 403 – This bill is for the increase of pay for NHP troopers.  The appropriations would come from the State Highway Fund as well as the State General Fund.  This increase would also be on top of the 4% increase the Governor has requested for all state employees.   The bill has been granted a status of “exempt.  Rick and I have been told that the bill will not be passed out of the Committees since it does not include all law enforcement personnel.  We are still trying to find a way to grab a hold of $9.7 million for those pay raises.  This bill was doomed from the very beginning.  As we stated before, the rules governing the 1300 series prevented this bill from even moving.  I want to add that the bill was not a pay parity bill and was never designed to make NHP equal to Metro.  The NHPA used poor judgement and advertisement to run nowhere with their claims.  It’s important to lobby all session for all of the bills that can affect you, not just one.

    Assembly Bill 267 – Assigned to the Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor, this bill proposes to make third party insurers pay financial assessment to any police officer or firefighter who appeals and claim and prevails.  This also gives strength to the confidentiality regarding such exams.  We testified in support of this bill back on March 29.  The bill has had some amendments added and removed.  Despite the changes, this bill is headed to the floor for its last hearing and hopefully passage to the Capital. 

    Assembly Bill 301 – This bill provides for the confidentiality of certain communications between public safety personnel and trained peer support personnel.  This bill is long over-due and having the ability of our members to communicate with these crisis counselors have proven time and time again to save lives.  The bill is defined and allows the communications to be confidential and cannot be disclosed except upon certain restricted reasons Rick and I testified in large support of this bill during a hearing in the Committee on the Legislative Operations and Elections. On May 19, it passed by a 21-0 vote out of the Senate and it was signed into law by the Governor on May 27.    

    Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR 6) – This was sponsored by Assemblyman Ellison and direct the Legislative Commission to conduct an interim study over the next two years  to evaluate a pay increase for state employees.  We have testified in favor of this bill and are now awaiting a second hearing.  We are pushing for Committee Chairwoman Olivia Diaz to move this bill forward.  However after meeting with Ms. Diaz, both Rick and I were very disappointed by her carefree attitude and lack of interest.  These individuals need to remember that they work for us and not the other way around.

    Assembly Bill 350 – This bill was sponsored by Assemblyman Ozzie Fumo and it would require that a state employee, within 30 days of being hired, go through a complete orientation that would cover personnel policies, ethics, benefits, deferred compensation, and workman comp issues.  This bill was divided by party lines and as expected it was vetoed by the Governor.  He is holding true to his favoring state employees……

    Senate Bill 486 -  This would have given state employees collective bargaining rights which would have been huge when asking for pay raises in the future along with better benefits.  The Governor has vowed to veto this bill as well.

    Assembly Bill 303 – This bill which was sponsored by Assemblywoman Danielle Monroe-Moreno, seek to require core correctional service to be provided only by state employees of the Nevada Department of Corrections and not by a private contractor.  This bill needs to pass the Senate floor before heading to the Governor’s Office.

    Assembly Bill 478 - Provides some basic due process to state employees in disciplinary matters by requiring notice of allegations to the officer within 30 days after the employer knew or should have known of the allegations.  The employer has 90 days to make a decision.  Again because this is focused to support state workers, the Governor will most likely veto this bill as well. 

    Assembly Bill 517 – This is the “state employee pay” bill that we have all heard about.  It came out today and was immediately voted through the Assembly Ways and Means Committee.  This bill, if signed, will give employees a 2% raise this year and another 2% raise next year.  Most of the budget went to education. 

    In closing, I wanted to say that early attempt to get better coverage on the heart and lung law, met with fiscal note after fiscal note.  We have spoken with the state’s risk management Director and she is open to our continued dialog and we look forward to working with her after the session to find better ways to make this work.  I have seen some very upsetting and quite frankly despicable acts by so called members of the Legislator.  I know we dislike politics as a whole but I strongly encourage you to get involved to help make positive change. 

    We greatly appreciate your support.  I would also ask that if you oppose or support a bill, please be respectful to those who may stand opposite of your views.

    Please take a moment and contact your representatives by going to the Nevada Legislature website at:  www.leg.state.nv.us

    Stay tuned and please contact me if you have comments, questions, or concerns.

    Stay Safe!

    Michael Sean Giurlani




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