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  • Legislative Update 05/15/2017
    Updated On: May 22, 2017





    May 15, 2017

    Today marks day 99 of the 120 day legislative session.

    On May 19, the bills must pass out of their respective second committee.  Then another passage by May 26.  Keep in mind that there are some bills that have exemptions and we are introduced to “emergency bills”.

    Bill Draft Request (BDR) 1219 – This is a BDR and an “emergency bill” that was introduced by Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford.  Senator Ford explained that he wanted to do this for Nevada’s First Responders.   Senator Ford gave us this emergency bill that essentially enhances the penalties for killing a first responder to include police officers, firefighter, and EMS personnel, because of their profession.  This bill will be officially announced on Thursday May 18.  Thank you Senator Ford !

    Senate Bill 403 – This bill is for the increase of pay for NHP troopers.  The appropriations would come from the State Highway Fund as well as the State General Fund.  This increase would also be on top of the 4% increase the Governor has requested for all state employees.   The bill has been granted a status of “exempt”.   Rick and I met with both Senator Ford and Mike Willden, the Governor’s Chief of Staff.  Both of them indicated that this bill is not going to move with the sole purpose of a pay raise for NHP personnel.  They added that all law enforcement need a pay raise and they are looking for the funds to accomplish this.  After the Economic Forum, the state added $95.7 million to the budget.  The state also upgraded their projection for their current budget with $44.2 million more than projected.  This money was being spend the second it was found.  An example that Rick provided is that it would cost $9.7 million to give all of DPS officers a pay raise. I suspect it would be a little less for other agencies due to their size.  We are still working on this issue.

    Senate Bill 282 -   This bill was written as such to dismiss all disciplinary case against a law enforcement officer if the employer violates the officer’s NRS 289 rights. Furthermore, the bill requires the employer to pay the officer’s attorney fees and costs in a successfully litigated case for such NRS 289 violations.  This bill was passed out of its Committee with the removal of the clause that an employee may be able to be compensated for their attorney costs should the win their case.  This Bill was heard again today in the Assembly Committee on Judiciary.  It met some resistance from Metro but it is moving to a work session soon.

    Assembly Bill 301 – This bill provides for the confidentiality of certain communications between public safety personnel and trained peer support personnel.  This bill is long over-due and having the ability of our members to communicate with these crisis counselors have proven time and time again to save lives.  The bill is defined and allows the communications to be confidential and cannot be disclosed except upon certain restricted reasons Rick and I testified in large support of this bill again today as it was heard in the Committee on the Legislative Operations and Elections.   

    Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR 6) – This was sponsored by Assemblyman Ellison and direct the Legislative Commission to conduct an interim study over the next two years  to evaluate a pay increase for state employees.  We have testified in favor of this bill and are now awaiting a second hearing.  We are advocating for Committee Chairwoman Olivia Diaz to push this issue forward. 

    Budget Closings – All of the state agency budgets are closing.  They go through a short hearing process and are met with approval are rejection with amendments.  These hearings are taking up the evening and weekends.   

    We greatly appreciate your support.  I would also ask that if you oppose or support a bill, please be respectful to those who may stand opposite of your views.

    You can reach the Nevada Legislature website at:  www.leg.state.nv.us

    Stay tuned and please contact me if you have comments, questions, or concerns.

    Stay Safe!

    Michael Sean Giurlani




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